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Tioman Kampongs

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Tioman's five main kampongs are located mostly along its west coast. Kampong Juara is the island's lone east coast kampong. Knowing in which kampong your hotel, resort or Spa is located is important, because you'll need to disembark the ferry at that particular kampong. More details

All the ferry's destinations are announced beforehand, so just listen for your particular kampong name.

TIP: If your hotel or resort is situated in Kampong Juara, you'll need to disembark the ferry at Kampong Tekek. From here, you can take a taxi to Kampong Juara, about a 30 minute drive.

Call or Whatsapp Didi Juara Taxi on +60 1770 94585. Didi will assist you getting to your resort in Juara.

Incidentally, clicking on below links will display a sampling of the kampongs' hotel/resort promotions.

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